Đề thi HSG Tiếng Anh

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                                                                       ĐỀTHI KHẢO SÁT HỌC SINH GIỎI

                                                                               NĂM HỌC 2015 -2016

                                                                            MÔN: TIẾNG ANH LỚP 6

                                                                          THỜI GIAN LÀM BÀI: 120 PHÚT 

I. Listen and fill one word in the blanks
The population of the…..(1)……is growing. More …(2)….. need more food. More people …(3)…. more land. We ……(4)….. ….cutting down the …..(5)…. .Farmers are burning …(6)……..forests. They need …(7)…fields. We are destroying …(8)….. and animals. These …(9)…. animals are …( 10)….. danger.
II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others in each group.
1. A. garden B. yard C. market D. warm
2. A. aerobics B. carrot C. lemonade D. correct
3. A. armchair B. sandwich C. chocolate D. school
4. A. ahead B. white C. behind D. hungry
5. A. stadium B. accident C. finally D. animal
III. Choose the best answer from the four options (A or B, C, D) to complete each of the following sentences.
1. She is not doing ___________ in the garden, just walking with her dog.
A. anything B. nothing C. something D. one thing
2. It is twelve o’clock, Mai Anh. Let’s ___________home.
A. goes B. to go C. going D. go
3. My brother and I ___________ our grandmother next weekend.
A. visit B. am going to visit C. am visiting D. are going to visit
4. ___________ he plays the guitar!
A. What beautiful B. How beautifully C. How beautiful D. What beautifully
5. I don’t want much sugar in coffee. Just ___________, please.
A. a little B. little C. few D. a few
6. At an intersection, we must___________.
A. ride quickly B. go fast C. slow down D. run out
7. What’s___________ lunch? -There is some rice and some meat.
A. for B. in C. to D. at
8. Is there anything to drink? ~ I’m___________.
A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty D. cold
9. Look ___________ that strange man! He is looking ___________ Lan but she isn’t here.
A. for/ at B. at/ for C. at/ after D. at/ on
10. You are too fat. You shouldn’t eat much___________.
A. meat B. fruit C. fish D. vegetables
11. ___________ do people need more food? ~ Because there are more people.
A. What B. Why C. Where D. How
12. Where is your mother? ~ She is in the kitchen. She___________ dinner.
A. cooks B. cooking C. cooked D. is cooking
13. How___________ do you brush your teeth? ~ Three times a day.
A. many B. much C. usually D. often
14. ___________ straight across the road.
A. Don’t run B. Not run C. No running D. Can’t run
15. When it becomes hot, people often feel ___________.
A. hungry B. thirsty C. happy D. worried
16. Of the three students, Nga is ___________.
A. the best B. good C. better D. well
17. What is your favorite food? ~____________
A. My favorite food is orange juice. C. I like coffee and lemonlade.
B. Orange juice is my favorite food. D. I like chicken and fried fish.
18. They ___________ late for school.
A. never are B. don’t C. are never D. never
19. ___________ are you going to stay here? ~ For a week.
A. How often B. How long C. How many D. How far
20. Miss Trang always ___________ her own clothes.
A. does B. wants C. cooks D. makes
IV. The sentences below have four underlined words or phrases. Identify an error in each sentence by choosing the letter (A or B, C, D).
1. Ba often does his homeworks in the evening.
2. I don’t have some apples but I have some bananas.
3. Would you like any tea? ~ Yes, please.
4. That’s my sister over there. She stands next to the window.
5. There aren’t any trees in the left of Lan’s house.
V. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the word in BLOCK CAPITALS.
1. Lan’s classroom is on the ___________ floor. TWO
2. Mai speaks English ___________ than me. WELL
3. The Great Wall of China is the world’s ___________ structure. LONG
4. There are a lot of ___________ mountains in Viet Nam. BEAUTY
5. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your___________? NATION
VI. Fill in each gap with ONE suitable preposition.
1. Hoa lives ___________ 12 Tran Phu Street. She doesn’t have many friends there.
2. There is an English examination ___________ Friday, 11th December.
3. Many Asian animals are ___________ danger.
4. The movie theater is ___________ the restaurant and the bookstore.
5. Nam is the strongest ___________ the three boys.
VII. Read the passage and choose the correct answer (A or B, C, D to fill in the gap.
I live in a house near the sea. It is (1)________old house, about 100 years old and (2)________very small. There are two bedrooms upstairs (3)________a bathroom. The kitchen is (4)________the ground and there is a living- room where there is a lovely old fire place. There is a garden (5)________the house. The garden (6)________down to the beach and in spring and summer, (7)________flowers everywhere. I live alone (8)________my dog, John, but we have a lot of visitors. My friends often stay with (9)________.
I love my house for (10)________reasons. Maybe I like fresh air here.
1. A. a B. an C. the D. any
2. A. it’s B. it C. there’s D. they’re
3. A. and B. or C. but D. too
4. A. between B. in C. on D. next to
5. A. in B. besides C. next D. in front of
6. A. go B. goes C. going D. in goes
7. A. there is B. there are C. they are D. those are
8. A. for B. of C. on D. with
9. A. me B. I C. my D. I’m
10. A. much B. a little C. many D. a lot
VIII. Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.
Viet Nam is in the South- East Asia. It has (1)________of beautiful mountains, rivers and beaches. (2)________are two long (3)________in Viet Nam: the Red River in the north and the Mekong River in the (4)________. The Mekong River is the (5)________river in the South- East Asia and of course it is longer (6)________the Red River. The Mekong River starts in Tibet and flows (7)________ the sea. Phanxipang is the (8)________mountain in Viet Nam. It’s 3,143 meters (9)________. Viet Nam also (10)________a lot of nice beaches such as Sam Son, Do Son, Nha Trang, Vung Tau.
XI. Read the following passage and answer the questions.
Lan is twenty years old. She has fair hair and blue eyes. She has two brothers, Nam and Tuan but she doesn’t have any sisters. Her brothers have brown hair and brown eyes. One of her brothers, Nam, is married and has two children, so she is an aunt. Lan lives with her parents in an apartment. It has five rooms but it doesn’t have a garden. She has her own room in the apartment in which she has a computer and a TV. She has a car but her parents don’t have one because they can’t drive.
1. How old is Lan? ________________________________________
2. How many people are there in her family? ________________________________________
3. What color are her eyes? ________________________________________
4. Is there a computer and a TV in Lan’s room? ________________________________________
5. Do her parents have a car? Why? Why not? ________________________________________
X. Rewrite the sentences so that it has the same meaning as the sentence printed before.
1. Does Phong’s school have forty classrooms? – Are ________________?
2. How much does a box of chocolate cost? – What _____________________?
3. Does your father cycle to work? – Does your father get ____________?
4. She has long hair. – Her ___________________.
5. Nobody in our class is more intelligent than Mai. – Mai _________________.
XI. Use the words or phrases to make meaningful sentences.
1. Which/ be/ biggest/ city/ Viet Nam/ ? __________________________________
2. Minh/ friends/ be/ going to/ have/ picnic/ near/ lake. __________________________________
3. I’d like/ sandwich/ glass/ milk/ please. __________________________________
4. Minh/ leave/ house/ half past six. __________________________________
5. Ho Chi Minh City/ have/ population/ 3.5 million. __________________________________
XI – Write a passage (80 -100 words) about what you often do in four seasons.